Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Obama shines

I watched State of the Union speech last night.  I thought Obama sounded confident, purposeful, inspired and inspiring, practical, reasonable, and presidential.  I thought he sounded like a good man to have as president.  I think his campaign is to be one of being a sane, common sense person who would like people to listen to reason and work with him to find ways to govern the country.  I thought it was a good speech.  I think, and hope, that he may be finding his voice, understanding his job, and ready to take on the hard core right wing in such a way that he can bring the country along with him enough to be able to put together a workable government next year.  Maybe I'm just under his spell - charmed? - by him and his speech, but I am feeling hopeful that things have a chance to get better in government.  That, and of course, the fact that he is running against either a human lizard, Gingrich, or a charisma-less management consultant incapable of inspiration, Romney.  

As for the Republicans, even the National Review Online had an editorial against Gingrich, on the grounds of his personal cruelty.

"Any Republican nominee will draw criticism for being too biased toward the rich. Not every Republican nominee will be attacked for cruelty in his personal life."

I have been rooting for Romney among the Republicans because I want to see the Republican voters reject the Tea Party and Social Conservative extremists.  I believe that if the Republicans end up with an extremist candidate not only will they lose, but they may destroy the party itself.  And I don't believe that is good for the country.

I still have hopes that the new political entity, Americans Elect, will end up nominating a legitimate centrist that would be interesting to me.  I intend to participate in that process in hopes of creating real support for candidates that are not captive to the extremist wings of either party.  I think that a strong showing by a self proclaimed moderate political movement would be very beneficial to the country, and should move both parties back away from their ideological extremes.

One can dream...