Friday, January 19, 2018

They don't play well together, part 2

The Republican controlled government is about to shut down.  What a surprise!  This group is about as cooperative and collaborative as their Great Leader - Mr Trump. They only reach across the isle to give the other side the finger. 

Pretty discouraging.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

They don’t play well together

One thing you can certainly say about the fiercely independent/pull yourself up by your bootstraps/you’re on your own/don’t expect any help from me/I did it my way/I don’t owe anything to anybody/good luck to you but get out of my way conservatives is if they do not play well together.  How could they? Their highest value is the individual. Cooperation is barely in their consciousness. 

It is particularly pleasant to watch Bannon and Trump and Mercer and McConnell and a number of conservatives and Republicans attack each other over the revelations of Trump’s pathetic infantilism of the Wolff book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump Whitehouse”.

They all deserve each other. And America deserves better.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Trump vs Obama stock market comparison

Trump supporters, and semi-supporters, tout the stock market growth of the last year as proof that Trump is a pretty good president after all.  Because, you know, you can say all kinds of stuff about what a demented goof ball this guy is, but just look at what's really important - the NUMBERS.

OK.  Here are the numbers:

S&P 500 progress:
  •  1/1/09 - 865.98 - Obama's comes into office
  •  1/1/10 - 1123.58 - a growth of 29.7% - Obama's first year
  •  1/1/11 - 1282.62 - a growth of 14.2%
  •  1/1/12 - 1300.58 - a growth of 01.4%
  •  1/1/13 - 1480.40 - a growth of 13.8%
  •  1/1/14 - 1822.36 - a growth of 23.1%
  •  1/1/15 - 2028.15 - a growth of 11.3%
  •  1/1/16 - 1918.60 - a loss of 05.4%
  •  1/1/17 - 2275.12 - a growth of 18.6%
  •  1/1/18 - 2689.15 - a growth of 18.2% - Trump's first year in office
So, the S&P grew at almost the exact the same rate in Trump's first year as Obama's last year, and grew by significantly less than Obama's first year.  

I think that Obama's handling of the terrible financial crash of 2008 is responsible for the excellent stock market performance the first year and over the course of his eight years - a total growth of the S&P of 162.7%.  I am sure that this significantly outperforms those countries who panicked and instigated austerity rather than stimulus in response to the Great Recession.

Trump thrills some conservatives with his attacks on safety, environmental, and health regulations.  And these conservatives seem to believe that the way to grow the market is to attack these regulations.  The data don't support that belief.  And Trump and the Republicans are failing in their duty to protect the people of this nation.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Trump ratings compared to previous presidents after one year

We all know Trump is the least popular president in recent times at this point in his administration.  Here are the numbers:

 I wonder how long the Republicans will put up with him now that they have achieved their most desired decades long dream of cutting taxes on the rich?  Any time they want him gone he should be easy to impeach on a number of grounds, from violation of the emoluments and bribery clauses of the constitution, to aiding a hostile foreign country to undermine U.S. elections, to obstruction of justice trying to prevent investigations into Russian interference, to....whatever his latest authoritarian disregard for the rule of law happens to be an any given day.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Bridge over the River Kwai Tax Bill

The award winning 1957 movie, "The Bridge Over the River Kwai", tells the WWII story of captured British soldiers forced to build a bridge in Burma that would aid the Japanese war effort.  After refusing to cooperate, eventually the lead character played brilliantly by Alec Guinness decides that his pride as a British officer and engineer dictated that they do an outstanding job as a testimony to British expertise.  At the end of the movie, he comes out of his trance as a captured and coerced man and manages to blow up the bridge at the last moment.

I think the Republican tax plan is similar to this.  The Republican Congress is passing a tax plan that has been coerced from them by tyrannical plutocratic donors and a tyrannical president.  They are in some kind of trance under the spell of tyrants and have built and are passing a tax plan that is essentially an abomination - not just to liberals but to decades of conservative thinking that has laid out numerous approaches to tax reform - almost none of which are in this plan.

Is there a chance that a Republican Senator can, like Alec Guinness in the movie, suddenly come to and throw themselves on the "plunger of the detonator" and blow up this disastrous legislation?

Probably not.  That would take courage and honor. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Trump the "bark beetle"

I watched the final episode of the TV series "Longmire" last night, and it had an interesting line of dialogue.  A Native American older woman told Longmire that he had nice trees around his home, but if a bark beetle got into them he would end up with just a lot of dead wood around his home.  And that was what a certain malevolent character in the story was to her tribe - a bark beetle that was taking the life out of her tribe.  And, the trouble with bark beetles is they multiply and take over everything.

I thought that was an apt metaphor for our current president.  He is a toxic bark beetle, and he has called the nation of bark beetles to come forth and chew the life out of America.  Toxic man who enables too many toxins in the country. 

By the way, I really enjoyed the Netflix Longmire series.  Wyoming sheriff being and doing good.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bannon and Trump defeated in Alabama

The morally reprehensible Republican Roy Moore was defeated by his Democratic opponent Doug Jones in Alabama despite the avid support of Steve Bannon of Breitbart and president Donald Trump.

America dodged a bullet.

Very grateful.