Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Deep South votes for The Lizard

South Carolina started the Civil War, and it looks like it is still pretty angry.  The Republicans gave Newt a victory in their primary election yesterday.  As best as I can tell, they voted for him because he expresses their anger at the rest of America.  

That's fine by me.  I still think Newt will destroy himself long before he gets the nomination, and that Romney is a disciplined, organized, determined man who will win the nomination.  

If, indeed, Republican primary voters decide that they want a candidate who will be nasty and punishing to Obama during the campaign, then I say let them go for it.  Newt Gingrich cannot possibly be elected president.  He is an unappetizing, mean, bullying lizard and the American people will not want to have to look at his venomous little eyes lecturing them on what is wrong with them for the next four years.  

It is actually possible, I believe, that if the Republicans nominate Newt Gingrich that not only will they lose the presidency, but they may end up destroying the Republican Party itself.  After eight years of W's presidency that ended up creating the Great Recession and making a bumbling botch of the war against terrorism, I am not sure that the Republican Party will be able to survive the kind of vicious, opportunistic, grandiose, deluded attacks on Obama, the media, and much of the American populace that Gingrich would wage.  

If you are filled with hate, I guess you want someone who is filled with hate to represent you.  But, hate is not much of an attractor, it is a repellent, and not only Newt, but the entire Republican Party may well crash and burn in the process.