Monday, January 9, 2012

Hoping for Huntsman

I know it's a very "moderate" thing to do, but I really do hope that Huntsman surprises everyone and gets a very big vote in New Hampshire tomorrow in the Republican primary.  That could bring him lots of money to campaign on, and I think he would make a good president.  I especially like that he is the only candidate, including Obama, who has a plan to break up the too big to fail financial institutions.

Huntsman is the overtly moderate Republican, and Romney is the covertly moderate Republican.  I can live with a Romney win, especially if he wraps up the nomination and puts the more hard line conservatives away.  

If the Republicans run an extremist right winger they don't have a chance, but I would hate for the country to risk being run by the nasty and unstable Gingrich, the dim bulb Perry, or the theocratic social conservative Santorum.  (Paul is too loony to even worry about)

It is time for a little magic to drop into this campaign season, and a big Huntsman showing would be just that.