Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where is Obama?

Where is Obama?  He made a nice speech about what Qaddafi "must" do, but Qaddafi isn't doing it, his troops are entering Benghazi, and apparently the West is stuck in its own quagmire of trying to figure out how to coordinate its military action.  The U.N. resolution was passed on Thursday morning, and it is already Saturday morning without planes in the air.  I think this is what happens if the U.S. doesn't lead, people die and feel betrayed by empty promises.

"They have entered Benghazi from the west. Where are the Western powers? They said they could strike within hours," rebel military spokesman Khalid al-Sayeh told Reuters."

If the U.S. had put planes in the air when the protesters first rose up, right after the momentum of Egypt's successful forcing of Mubarak's abdication, I firmly believe that Qaddafi's thugs would have turned on him.  But, Obama hesitated, Qaddafi turned the momentum against the poorly armed and trained protesters, and the slaughters started.  And now, even after U.N. resolutions and Obama saying a bunch of stuff about what Qaddafi "must" do, the Qaddafi forces proceed undaunted.

Being president is about more than making speeches.  To lead is to make choices.  Where is Obama?