Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nuclear fission plants are immoral

I believe that generating power from nuclear fission is immoral because it produces nuclear waste which is radioactive poison that lasts for thousands of years.  We endanger our progeny by our short term thinking.

Engineers are always assuring us that they can keep the radioactive waste safe, but they are wrong.  In the current Japanese nuclear meltdown, the spent fuel at the three reactors that have been overheating and exploding is also at risk.  Apparently, they have thick concrete forty foot deep pools with stainless steel linings that cover the waste with water.    The water needs to circulate to keep the waste cool.  If it doesn’t circulate, the water evaporates.  Earthquakes and explosions threaten the water circulation as well as the containment structure of the waste itself. 

Engineers are not able to design fail proof systems for nuclear fission plants.  In addition to natural catastrophes envisioned thirty years ago we have to add the danger of terrorist attacks today.  Who knows what we can’t imagine today that could happen a thousand years from now?

The waste itself is radioactive and toxic.  There can be no guarantee that humankind will be safe from these plants and their spent fuel waste for thousands of years into the future. 

They are immoral and should be shut down.  Certainly, no more of them should be built.