Saturday, March 12, 2011

Help Libyans in their desperate fight

I think I need to change my mind about Libya.  It is just too uncompassionate to standby and watch the citizen Libyans being slaughtered by Qaddafi's professional military and mercenaries.  I no longer think that Obama's soft power approach is enough.  I had thought that Qaddafi would topple because men within his circle would turn on him, but that's not happening.  I was thinking that Obama's caution and timidity were signs of wisdom and a longer view, but I can't support our inaction anymore.

Establishing a no-fly zone looks like it is something we need to do, but more to the point, we need to actively go after the ouster of Qaddafi.  It may be too late, but I hope that outside help, which is being asked for by the protesters, can revitalize the spirit of the Libyans fighting for their freedom and for their lives.  

All my reasons for caution are still there - not knowing whom we are supporting, the likelihood of being drawn into more than just establishing a no-fly zone in Libya, the likelihood of being drawn into other freedom battles throughout the Muslim world, the foolishness of opening a potential third front in our war against the terrorists, the possibility that the Muslim world would see this as another American interference in Muslim affairs solely for the reason of grabbing Muslim oil, plus many more good reasons to stay out that I don't think of right now - but I just hate standing by watching brave, underarmed people being mowed down when they are fighting for the fundamental value that America stands for - freedom from tyranny.

We need to support the overthrow of tyranny and the promotion of freedom.  It is time for Obama to stop pondering and act.  The rest of the world is leading in the support of the Libyans: Sarkozy, Cameron, even the Arab League for goodness sakes.  At least if Obama can't lead he can join.

Help remove Qaddafi, including military support of the rebels.