Tuesday, April 4, 2017

If the filibuster is eliminated, the Senate is just another House of Representatives

The Democrats seem to be on a suicide mission - to filibuster Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.  They cannot win.  The Republicans will use the Nuclear Option and eliminate the filibuster, shame on them but they will do it.  Without the filibuster the Senate is nothing more than a smaller version of the House of Representatives - i.e. the majority party rules and the minority party might as well not show up.

It would be just another terrible tumble down the rabbit hole of extremist "politics".  Real politics is dialogue - extremist politics is dogma where there is no negotiating, listening, compromising, innovation, bi-partisanship, courtesy, cooperation, dignity, humanity - only conquest. 

I pray that the Dems pull back from their vengeance over the Reps' abuse of Obama and Garland.  The Reps won, they will fill the Scalia seat, the Dems can't stop that, but they can act like children and pull down the Senate in their pique.

I say don't do it.