Friday, April 7, 2017

A sad day

A sad day today - the Republicans invoked the nuclear option in the Senate in order to confirm Gorsich to the Supreme Court. Senators are falling all over themselves swearing the filibuster will never go away for legislation and that this majority rule will apply only to judges. 

Sadly, that probably will not hold true. Both parties caved to the furor of their bases when the Dems futilely filibustered Gorsich, and the Reps went nuclear. They will do the same too soon when a contentious bill comes up, and kaboom!  No more filibusters, and thus no more Senate - just a smaller version of the House where all that counts is the majority.  And both parties will devolve into being pawns of the most rabid voices of their bases. 

This means the toxic levels of polarization will just spiral down into even more disgusting separation.  Politics is disappearing and is being replaced with two worlds who cannot speak to each other due to their mutual contempt. 

A sad day for America today.