Thursday, September 10, 2015

American History in a nutshell - Aristocracy, American Revolution, Plutocracy

American history in a nutshell: Aristocracy - American Revolution - Plutocracy.  

Stretch that out a bit: British Aristocracy - American Revolution - Southern Aristocracy - Civil War - Industrial Plutocracy of the Robber Barons - Teddy Roosevelt the trust buster - Plutocracy of the Roaring Twenties - Franklin Roosevelt bank reforms and New Deal - WWII post war prosperity - Current Plutocracy of the modern Robber Barons.

WE NEED A NEW TR OR FDR - Obama tried but not enough force - none on the horizon? Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren?

The Republican Party might as well change their name to The Plutocrat Party.  Oddly enough, the current Plutocracy has convinced economic conservatives that putting the Plutocracy in power creates opportunities for them, and has convinced the social conservatives that putting the Plutocracy in power will make the country more moral.  What?


Time for an ending of this version of Plutocracy.