Monday, September 14, 2015

After 9/11...

Going backwards in time:

  • Syrian refugees flood Europe 
  • Isis terrorizes Shia in the Middle East  
  • Isis is created by disaffected and persecuted Sunnis  
  • Obama kills Osama, which doesn't really affect much of anything
  • Iraq becomes a puppet of the new Middle Eastern power, Iran
  • Obama keeps Maliki in power too long  
  • Bush keeps Maliki in power too long  
  • Shiite Maliki ruler persecutes Sunnis 
  • Sunnis kept out of the Iraqi government by the Shiite Prime Minister,Maliki 
  • Bush puts Shiite Maliki in power 
  • Bush de-Bathifies Iraq, throwing all Baath Party Sunnis out of power 
  • Bush invades Iraq 
  • Bush throws the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan 
  • Bush fails to find Osama bin Laden 
  • Bush invades Afghanistan 
  • Osama bin Laden kills 3000 Americans on 9/11/2001

  • Starting a war is easy 
  • Knowing what the hell is going to happen in war is impossible 
  • Ending a war is very, very hard

  • Maybe we don't elect a presidential candidate who promises to go out and win a bunch of wars for the American people.