Monday, October 15, 2012

The everyone else vs the angry white guy election

I am begining to think that Democrats need to focus their pitch to women and minorities from this point out. 

I understand that Obama and the Dems feel that they are best suited to run the economy, but as long as they focus on the economy, they are playing in the Reps home field.  No matter how much the Dems trash the Reps approach to taxes and the economy, the underlying truth is that the economy sucks and people are not feeling confident of the economic future of the country.  People are open to the notion that a change of leadership might be a good change for the economy.

For the Dems, the blame game is necessary only as it is in response to an attack by the Reps, but it should be a quick two-step:  the economy is bad because of what the Reps gave us and how the Reps are saying no to everything we want to do, but, by the way, what about the Social Issues? what about Roe v Wade, women’s empowerment, reproductive freedoms, education, immigration, civil rights, censorship, capital punishment, bigotry of all forms, poverty programs, inner city schools, child abuse, etc?  The Dems target voters are all the groups other than angry white males who seem to be dedicated to being tough guys in the world. 

Plus, Dems need to push hard for a diplomatic, negotiation oriented foreign policy.  Forget about looking tough.  The Rep white male seems to care a lot  with looking tough, and is convinced that looking and being tough is what stabilizes the world.  But it doesn’t.  It destabilizes the world.  And the country is sick of war in the Middle East with religious fanatics.  Talking tough will appeal to the Rep white male, but I believe it is a turnoff to women and non-whites in America.  John Wayne is long dead, and the Rigid Right haven’t figured that out yet. 

So, I hope Obama does everything he can to quickly rebut the tough-guy-you're-on-your-own-war-loving talk of the Reps, and ignore the low-tax free-the-economy mantras of Romney and make a quick shuffle off into the social issues and the need for a diplomatic approach to foreign policy. 

He needs to turn it into the everyone-else against the angry-white-guy election.  Or so I think.