Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama finds his confidence and his voice

Obama looked like he actually knew exactly what he was talking about in the final debate tonight.  He finally seemed to be comfortable in himself and was a master of the topic.  Maybe it was because it was the third debate and it took him some time to get good.  Maybe it was because he feels much more comfortable when discussing foreign policy because he is better at foreign policy than domestic.  At any rate, he seemed to me to be himself and did a good job.

Romney seemed to be playing a conservative, don't make any gaffes type of game tonight.  He seemed to be debating as if he was convinced that he had a big lead in the race and only had to keep from making mistakes.  He wasn't as bad as Obama in the first debate, but he let Obama carry the night.

So, I expect that Obama will make liberals feel reassured that their man can cross the finish line, and I expect that Obama will pick up a couple of points in the polls, which could well be all that he needs.  

The surprise of a Romney who seemed like a reasonable, thoughtful guy rather than a hard core right wing extremist has probably pretty well worn off.  And, in the end, America is faced with a choice.  I think the incumbent will win.