Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We're all in it together vs You're on your own

It is no surprise that Bill Clinton gave a great speech at the Democratic convention, but I think he surpassed my expectation.

Probably a lot to think about what he said, but the two things that stand out to me is his basic definition of the differences in the two parties from the liberal point of view - We're all in it together according to the Democrats vs You're on your own according to the Republicans. This is certainly the world view of the Dems.

The other thing that's staying with me was his summary of the Republican argument - Republicans say that we gave Obama a Huge mess, he didn't fix it fast enough, so give it back to us. Pretty good argument against giving it back to them. 

Watching Clinton give that speech made me wonder if he ever would have lost an election if he had not been term limited out. Hard to tell which of the two were more talented politically, Clinton or Reagan. Each could really sell his case.