Thursday, February 17, 2011

The rape didn't fit the story of liberation, so it was suppressed by CBS

One of the saddest parts of the Laura Logan assault story is that CBS itself sat on the story for five days until they were forced to run it when others broke the story.  

The most positive spin on that decision would be to say that they wanted to protect the identity of a rape victim, who in this case was their own chief foreign correspondent.  But, I am afraid it is something else, it is more that reporting that their own woman was assaulted by a crowd of men yelling "Jew! Jew!" would contradict the story that CBS and the world was telling of the wonderful celebration of liberation of the Egyptian people from a long tyranny.

Why not tell "the rest of the story"?  These are people who were oppressed for years and are speaking up for their freedom, and they did so non-violently and overturned a dictatorship.  This is a tremendous story and it is true.  But this blot on the day also happened.  Things in Egypt and the Middle East are complicated, and there are a number of very conflicting forces at play.  One of my fears is that as the freedom movement  progresses in the Middle East, it could well lead to religious holy wars between the Shia and Sunni.  I certainly hope not, and send my prayers that it does not, but no society in any country is without complications and counter forces at play.

I am sorry that this happened to mar that day of triumph, but not reporting it is as sad as the crime itself, it seems to me.