Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crisis of dignity

An interesting thing about the Arab revolution against their tyrannical governments is the absence of rage against Israel and the U.S.  This is an internal Arab revolt, with many factions rising up together - no, make that, they are rising up at the same time, but they aren't really together as one, I don't believe.  

At the heart of the civil wars that are unfolding, I believe, is shame and humiliation.  I heard on BBC radio Monday morning a middle aged cab driver was saying that all of his life he had been ashamed to be known as an Egyptian, but now, as he rose up to protest the humiliating way Egyptians had been treated, he was thrilled to loudly proclaim that he was Egyptian.  

A crisis of dignity, or the lack of being treated with dignity, seems to be deeper than the politics or the religion of the protesters.