Friday, January 21, 2011

Sorry to see him go

I know that some liberals look upon Senator Joe Lieberman with loathing as a traitor and sneer at him as he leaves the Senate.  I, however, am sorry to see him go.  

If anything, to me Lieberman is very much the kind of lawmaker I would like to see more of in both houses - one who is not trapped inside of a rigid ideology, predictably voting in lock step with the party line.  

To me, the essence of politics is negotiation and compromise.  There are times when passion for a cause is needed, the Civil Rights movement is an obvious example, but I am sure that any deep analysis of even the Civil Rights legislations would reveal many, many negotiations and compromises along the way to becoming the laws of the land.  

In today's rigid, rancorous, polarized politics, losing an independent mind is a loss indeed.