Monday, January 24, 2011

One wing-nut down, so many more to go

Keith Olbermann has left MSNBC, the liberal cable network.  Apparently, he clashed too harshly with his management, or wanted more money than they were willing to pay, or has decided to start his own media empire, or perhaps his own country, who knows.  

The good thing, from my perspective, is that at least one radical extremist voice is off the air, and that makes me happy.  Now, if only Glen Beck and Fox News would part ways, that would make me even happier.  The toxic blame and paranoia that the extremes pump into the body politic harms us all, I believe.  

It would be so good to see reasoned debate and principled disagreement on the airwaves rather than exaggerated political theater designed to get an extremist and angry audience by demonizing the opposition.  

I suppose it's better to have the extremists have a voice expressing their rants for them on the media than expressing themselves in violence as the radical left did in the '60s - the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers, for example.  But, I am just tired of the drumbeats of partisan warfare coming from both sides.