Friday, July 21, 2017

Is Trump just dumb?

It is already obvious that our president is emotionally unstable, impulsive, willfully ignorant, and childish.  But, is he also just dumb?  How about some evidence?

The first thing he did was attack the media.  But, the media’s entire job is to find things out.  And Trump has things to hide.

The next thing he did is attack his own intelligence services.  But, the intelligence services entire job is to find things out.  And Trump has things to hide.

The next thing he did was attack the judicial system when he fired James Comey who was heading up the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the election and possible conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign.  But that just caused the Attorney General’s office to appoint Robert Mueller as a special investigator into this very issue.  And it is these people’s entire job to find things out.

Then, he just recently implied that if Mueller investigates his finances rather than just his ties to Russia he might fire him.  Isn’t this just telling Mueller what he needs to investigate?  Isn’t he just pointing him to what he is trying to hide?  As one tweeter pointed out, this is like an officer pulling a car over and the driver says he's done nothing wrong and there is absolutely nothing in the trunk of his car even though you might see blood on the back bumper.

I think that Trump may just be good old fashioned dumb.

But, but, but you say, he is a billionaire.  Don’t you have to be smart to be rich?  Apparently not.  Apparently all you have to do is stiff your investors, stiff your vendors, screw your customers, borrow money from the Russian mafia and use your hotels and golf courses to launder dirty Russian money and you too can become a billionaire.  And have a fake reality TV show that pretends you are a smart businessman.

Next time my conservative  friends nominate someone for president I hope they find someone with more character, dignity, knowledge, and  - oh yes – brains.