Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Special Counsel into Russia-Trump investigation named

Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate possible Russian - Trump Campaign ties and collusion during the presidential campaign.  

Trump has said that the investigation will prove there is nothing there.  That is possible, but given how fiercely the President tried to stop this investigation, it is pretty unlikely, it seems to me.

Had Trump been innocent all along, he would have welcomed and supported such an investigation so as to clear his name, and to clear the reputation of his electoral victory.  But, of course, he did just the opposite.

I have written many times that he is just a child, with a insatiable and very fragile ego.  One thing that I can learn from this man-child is that when we think with our egos we become very stupid.  This is axiomatic on the golf course when the ego says you can hit the ball over the water onto the green and have an eagle putt.  If your not a pro, you can't.  

How smart is it for Mr Trump to attack the CIA, FBI, and all of the intelligence agencies?  Aren't they in the business of finding things out?  

How smart is it for Mr Trump to attack the Media?  Aren't they in the business of finding things out?  

Some politicians wouldn't have to worry about investigations because they have nothing to hide.  That certainly does not describe Mr Trump, who has a very checkered past and a very questionable present.  

What reason is most likely that Mr Trump has steadfastly refused to release his tax returns?  Isn't it most likely to be financial ties to Putin and Russian oligarchs?

The latest revelation that the President tried to get the FBI Director to stop investigating the Russia-Trump ties is probably an illegal obstruction of justice, which charge was the leading charge against Nixon and Clinton in their impeachment hearings.

I think Trump supporters have been thinking of him as a Republican or a conservative and see this and all of the fierce opposition to Trump as ideological.  I think it is not.  I think it is a response to a president they see as undermining the rule of law, undermining the institutions of America, undermining the Press, undermining the courts, undermining democracy itself.  If Pence becomes president, I will not be happy because I am likely to oppose his fundamentalist sense of morality, but I will be very relieved that the Trump anti-democratic train was derailed.

Where this will lead we don't know.  But I am pretty sure the President is not feeling real good right now.