Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump rides three waves into White House

Trump was sworn into office yesterday.  Sad. Sad.

There are many explanations for his win, here are three forces in the country that I think were critical.

First, he ran as a Republican and it was just the Republicans' time to win.  Loius C.K. mentioned a few months back that the country is split 50 -50 and the government switches back and forth regularly.  The Dems had it for 8 years, maybe it was just time for the Reps to get it.  I have many conservative friends, and I think that was what was important to them.

Second, all across the world as well as America, people are turning to the "Strong Man", the authoritarian, to keep them safe from the Islamofascist terrorist element of Islam.  Get scared? Vote for our own scary guy to fight them off.

Third, I believe America and the world are going through a major paradigm shift of consciousness - away from the twisted notion of manhood and Chauvinism and toward a true masculine and a true feminine. And the Trump victory is a kind of last gasp to cling to the past, to the old paradigm, to "Make America Great Again" by making it some fantasized version of Rough Tough Real Men Taking Charge.  True masculine is not dominating, or intimidating, or bullying, or frightening.  Those are confusions that the country and the world have been burdened with for centuries.  And I believe the time is happening right now where we are walking away from those mistakes.

True masculine is noble, virtuous, giving, protecting, providing, truthful, courageous, valorous, chivalrous.  It is something to be proud of.  The masculinity represented by Trump is none of these things, it is the pathetic remnants of selfishness, brutality, and cold-hearted domination.  Trumpism is just a milder version of the fascist elements of Islam, as well as those energies of Russia, Germany, and Japan that plunged the world into the nightmare of WWII and the Cold War.  It is something to be ashamed of.

It could be that an important step for the country to turn away from the twisted masculinity of domination and chauvinism for the country to really see it in operation in a Trump administration augmented by a Republican Congress which is lost in terrible, uncaring ideologies. This may end up being a tipping point - away from the old paradigm of masculinity that is actually a twisted chauvinism of domination and fear, and toward a discovery of the nobler energies of true masculine, which unites synergisticallly with a true and powerful feminine of feeling, imagining, and caring.

I choose optimism.  Plus, who knows, Mr Trump may surprise us all and be the black dog that tears apart the fossilized dogmas of both the Right and the Left.  I am willing to hope.