Thursday, September 29, 2016

The candidates in three words each...

Clinton – knowledgeable, hard-working, tough. 

Trump – ignorant, lazy, childish. 

It’s not about the politics; it’s about the person this year.  

I hope that even my conservative friends are able to see that Trump has lived his entire life in a money protected bubble, and he is still a nine year old trust fund boy who has no connection with responsibility, knowledge, or reality.  When he is denounced by almost every experienced and respected conservative and military and foreign policy notable (radio and Fox News personalities do not count) it is time to realize that he not only is not a conservative, not only is not a Republican, not only is not part of their movement in any way, but indeed is a danger to conservatism, a danger to the Republican Party, a danger to America, a danger to the world, and a danger to the very concept of democracy itself.  

I think Hilary will be a fine president, a flawed person, but not nuts.  The few lies that Clinton tells are understandable in the context of politics. 

Trump doesn’t lie, he bullshits, which means he has no connection to the truth, he doesn’t know the truth, he just makes shit up to get through the moment or to excite the crowds. 

Hilary is tough as nails and has proven that for decades. 

Trump is a weakling who feels he “has no choice” but to attack when criticized, and who will kiss the shoes of anyone who compliments him – Putin is the most dangerous example.   

I know it is almost impossible for a conservative to vote against the officially nominated Republican candidate, but I pray that the glaring unsuitability of this candidate can convince my conservative friends that losing the next four years of the presidency is preferable to the extraordinary dangers that the next four years of this child in the office would mean to all of us.