Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trump whines that the nominating process is rigged

Donald Trump has whined that the nomination process is "rigged."  Poor baby. Trump doesn't bother with details about ... anything. His preposterous claims about what he will do as president are never backed up with any real substance. He is good at one thing only: promoting himself, getting "ratings" for himself. 

Details? Campaign rules in different states? How delegates are actually selected?  How someone wins the actual election to represent the Republican Party at the convention? What does he care? He thinks that all he has to do is show up, make simple and outrageous statements, bluster, prance about, intimidate and move on to the next photo op.

Isn't negotiating about knowing the issues? knowing the rules? knowing the people? Isn't deal making about dealing with ... people?  knowing the people? knowing what makes them tick? knowing who stands for what? taking time, doing research, having an advantage over your competition by knowing more about the people and what is important to them than the competition?

Donald Trump is proving that he is a terrible negotiator, is a terrible deal maker in this most important issue in his campaign so far - how to win delegates to win the nomination of the Republican Party.  He literally had no idea, or at least thought there was no need to bother to inform himself about how the convention itself works. 

So, he blows it off, and is caught by surprise by others who actually dig into things and figure things out and operate on actual knowledge and deal with actual people to negotiate, make deals, to work the rules and ... win?

Donald Trump is proving that one thing he doesn't know much about is negotiating - how to make deals.  He is just a braggart, with no real substance.  All hat and no cattle.

Maybe it's time people started to re-evaluate what he claims is his biggest strength - does he actually know anything about deal making, about negotiating?