Friday, February 26, 2016

Time for Americans to grow up

Dana Milbank makes a telling point about Donald Trump - he speaks at the level of a third grader.  And it works.  His sentences are simple, short, direct, emotional, uncomplicated.  He doesn't confuse anyone with policy or plans or details of any sort. He speaks in the broadest and simplest terms.  

And it is working for him.

But, my goodness, don't we need an adult with his finger on the nuclear button? Don't we need an adult to deal with what is really a very complicated world? Don't we need someone who actually is informed and knowledgeable?  

The problem, of course, is the Trump voters, who apparently are of the same level of maturity.  It's not that they, or he, are stupid, but just that they are childish.  This world is too dangerous for children to try to run this most powerful country.  

It is time for the adults in the electorate to assert themselves.  I have no liking far any of the Republican candidates, but it seems to me that Trump is the most immature of the lot.

When Trump promises to be a war criminal, or promises to end the first amendment protection of a critical press, he displays a strange kind of childishness.  He was, and still is, a spoiled trust fund brat. I believe that he has been so protected by his great wealth for all of his life that he has absolutely no sense of personal limits, and no sense of reality.  He has simply bullied and demanded and pouted and tantrumed his way through life without ever having to run into real consequences.  His money always allowed him to get away with it all.  

He reminds me of the Affluenza kid who got off with a light sentence after killing four people as a drunk driver.  His money protects him from consequences, he gets away with "murder" all the time.  He has no sense of limits on his behavior because he has gotten away with so much for all of his life.

OK, so Trump is a spoiled child.  And his supporters are angry children who don't want to be confused by things that make them think and understand complex things like policies or nuance of any sort.  But, goodness gracious, certainly the Republican Party has actual grown ups and adults who can assert themselves and stop this third grader with money and fame. 

Time is running out.  Time for the adults to take over.  Time for Americans to grow up.