Friday, December 21, 2012

Sell more weapons for slaughter...

The NRA's response to the slaughter of children with assault weapons is...increase weapons' sales.  So, the weapons' industry has only one objective: increase sales. There was a window of opportunity for a glimmer of sanity, but the insane slammed it shut.  

Ideology allows no information to penetrate its bubble of belief. No matter what happens, the ideological beliefs are only strengthened. For some people weapons are good, more weapons are better, more powerful weapons are best, more and more and more and more...  And, as a lovely benefit you get to make lots of money as well. Life is good indeed for the ideologically insane. 

Slaughter produces...outlawing of high capacity assault weapons?  No.  Mandatory background checks for gun buyers at gun shows and online?  No. Limits on ammunition quantities one can buy?  No. Not to the weapons industry and their spokesman, the NRA. Slaughter produces more weapons sales. People rush out to buy weapons out of fear that they will be outlawed, and the NRA advocates armed guards in every school in the nation.  Slaughter is good for business, I suppose.

My only hope is that the response of the NRA and the avid assault weapons supporters will disgust more and more people.  

I guess it is too much to hope that fanatics will change. But I can hope that their responses will alienate more and more people, and they will become increasingly marginalized.