Monday, December 19, 2011

Is Gingrich already fading?

It could be that the Gingrich surge is already over.  I hope so.  He is a very smart, articulate, persuasive, reasonable sounding (until you actually think about the consequences of some of what he says), inspiring ... lizard (who thinks he is a T-Rex).  

I think it was Bill Clinton (who has his own integrity issues) who said that people vote for whom they want to invite into their living rooms for the next four years.  I can't imagine having to watch this slimy reptile for the next four years on my living room TV.  Ultimately, it is not just issues and the glibness that elects a president.  Character counts - a lot.  And way too many people, conservative people as a matter of fact, are warning against the integrity and trustworthiness of this man.

I think the Republican primary voters are in the process of figuring that out.  

I expect that the Gingrich alternative to Romney is petering out.  I suppose we have to have a Ron Paul run up in the polls next.  

It will still probably come down to Romney, although I continue to hope that New Hampshire pushes Huntsman into the lead.