Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street has changed the dialogue

Eliot Spitzer writes that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations may not morph into a full blown left wing Tea Party Movement, but in a very important way it has already won.  What it has done is change the political debate in the country.  The issues now in dialog are income distribution, fairness, justice, and accountability for the economic disaster we are all affected by.

I think if one can step back from the political partisanship, where the left demonizes the right and the right demonizes the left, both the Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party people speak to legitimate issues that should concern us all.  

Occupy Wall Street is passionately decrying the oligarchical control of the government and income disparities that are so large they haven't been seen in this country until just before the Great Depression of the '30s.  The Tea Party is passionately decrying the growing power of the faceless bureaucracies of government as they extended their reach into the health care of every American.  

Both of these are legitimate concerns.  As Spitzer points out, the passion comes from unsophisticated, emotional naifs, but these passions can turn into real political movements as more traditional politicians get involved and create agendas and programs to address the issues raised by the passionate.