Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Ten Years Later

Ten years after that shocking and terrible day we have not had a major attack on the U.S., a miracle demonstrating the country's ability to respond, and to do so effectively, even though the task has been enormous, the bureaucracies cumbersome, the mistakes rampant, and the criticisms unceasing.

We have spent about a trillion dollars on war in the Middle East, where thousands of Americans and tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Muslims have died, including the one who started it all, Osama bin Laden.

We are trying to get out of these expensive wars, and are starting to see them as unnecessary, as the Arab Awakening is painfully marching across the Middle East, providing an Arab vision of overthrowing the tyrannies of the Middle East quite different than the Islamist vision of attacking the U.S. and the West in order to free the people from tyranny.

The country is deeply divided, but interestingly enough, the focus is on the economy, not the war.  

The war that started with a bang, might eventually, slowly, dwindle out and end with but a whimper as both America and the Middle East turn to things they now see as more important than killing each other - for America, to heal and grow its economy, for the Middle East to overthrow tyranny by rising up against their homegrown tyrants and trying to learn how to govern themselves.  

In the face of what is really important, prosperity and freedom, who has time for stupid wars?