Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another nutcase leaves TV

Just as I was delighted to see Keith Olbermann fired from MSNBC, I am even more delighted to see that Glen Beck is leaving Fox News.  Both Beck and Fox are saying nice things about each other, but I am sure they are both glad to get rid of each other. 

I believe that the most toxic thing in our country today is the polarization of this country by the extremists.  Their mutual paranoias get in the way of reasoned dialogue amongst the rest of us.  I am glad to see these two driven off of TV by their own volatile intemperate temperaments.

Beck will continue with his radio show, and continue to spew his odd paranoia, but at least his nuttiness will no longer tarnish the Fox News brand.  I have always thought that the liberal media unfairly attacked Fox News as being right wing, but there are two Fox News's - the editorial shows which give opinions, which are right wing, of course - and the news shows themselves, Bret Baier and Shep Smith, which are pretty good news shows.

Another wingnut down.  There is reason for hope.